The New Phone

I bought my first iPhone 4 years ago. It was the black iPhone 3GS. And, that is why the 5s is my third cycle of the iPhone with an S on the behind after the iPhone 4s.


My favourite new feature has to be the Touch ID. With the fingerprint identity sensor, unlocking the phone is really effortless. I couldn’t imagine life without it now.


iPhone 4s already produces some impressive images for a phone, in my opinion, but the 5s tops that as it is actually usable at low light due to its f2.2 lens and bigger pixels. The camera’s white balance is a bit warm but more accurate than the 4s. Not a big deal since I use VSCO CAM to edit my images anyway.


iOS 7

The new interface is a beaut. I have always hated the skeuomorphic design. So, this overhaul is a boon to me.


All the new Apple apps are beautifully designed, and fast too. In fact, I prefer to use Safari instead of Chrome now. The Photos revamp is a very much awaited improvement, and Multi-tasking is much better and force quit is a pleasure. Furthermore, iMovie is now free with iPhone 5s, along with Keynote, Pages and Numbers. But, Maps is still crap though.


In the past, there wasn’t really anything to talk about the ringtones except how awful they were. However, the new ringtones are lovely and they brought back memories of the Nokia days. Apparently, Owl City was involved in creating some of the sounds (Night Owls, perhaps? duh).

Due to certain circumstances, I always ended up with the black finish and I am really beginning to grow quite sick of the black finish. But, there has never been any doubt that I will continue to use the iPhone. Here is to two more years of the Old Apple.

Don’t comment if you do not, currently or in the future, own an iPhone.

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