I Bought Shampoo

I Buy Stuff No. 001

I ran out of shampoo last week and I have been stealing my dad’s as a stopgap measure.  That ended (hehe) two days ago when my order from End Clothing (geddit?) arrived via FedEx. I could’ve got something from the Watson’s nearby, but I wanted to do it the hard way and order it from a online shop over 10000 km away. Or, I could’ve simply ordered some before I ran out. Either way.

End Clothing offers free shipping when you spend over 40 pounds every now and then, so I took this chance to restock my supplies.

End Clothing

As you can see, on the top left hand corner of the box, something leaked during the 3-day UK-Paris-Guangzhou-Singapore journey. The culprit was one of them below.


I am proud to announce that all the products were made in their countries of origin including the box they came in.

Box Made in UK

Here are the stuff that I ordered:

Baxter of California

Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo – Made in the USA

>  £12.50 (ex. VAT) from End Clothing

The strong scent and feel of mint is what I really like about this shampoo. Also, it washes off stubborn clay hair gel pretty easily. Noticeably, I stopped dropping as much hair than before, and I have tried a wide range of shampoos in the past. Value-wise, for SGD 25, the pump dispenser provided me a good regulated twice a day usage which lasted a full 5 months. Overall, the experience it gives is a feeling of a salon-quality wash. So, pretty worth the price in my opinion.

Imperial Fiber Promade

Imperial Fiber Pomade – Made in the USA

>  £13.33 (ex. VAT) from End Clothing    >  SGD39 from KIN

Since water-based pomade were formulated, it has become all the rage. No more lardy and greasy Brylcreem your daddy used in the 60s. I got my first Imperial Fiber Pomade by chance when I was willingly getting poisoned at KIN. The Baxter of California’s Slick Pomade I got (from End as well) a few days prior, failed to hold up my retarded hair, so I thought, without any research, I will give Imperial try. Easy to wash, strong but restyle-able and has a lovely (water-melon?) scent. I never looked back.

Red Wing Leather Cleaner

Red Wing Leather Cleaner – Made in the USA

>  £6.67 (ex. VAT) from End Clothing

I have been (still) looking for a simple leather cleaner for my Visvim Patrician Folk WT. The leather for the Visvim is a bit different from most of the common wingtips that I have seen and I have been searching for solution for clean it. So, when I needed to fulfil the 40 pound minimum purchase for the free shipping, I decided to give the Red Wing Leather Cleaner a try. It works pretty well but I do think it is a tad overpriced.

The Red Wing Leather Cleaner was the leaky culprit, by the way. And, I mistakenly purchased an extra bottle. Selling it for 8 bucks for anyone living in Singapore.

Questions or comments about the stuff I bought? Reply below.

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