The Magazine Stack No.001

I love reading magazines. Here are the magazines I was reading for the month of October.

Monocle . October 2013

To be honest, I buy Monocle mainly for the illustrations and infographics. Satoshi Hashimoto, Hey Studio, Cozy Tomato, and Always with Honor are some of my favourites illustrators in the Monocle circuit and in my life. The October issue was not illustrated enough for my liking but still featured a couple of nice ones.

week_43 6 week_43 7 week_43 9

There is an interesting collaboration with Tokyu Hands and Beams that I might check out when I am in Tokyo this November.

week_43 8


Fantastic Man . Autumn & Winter 2013

I am neither a fan of the fashion perspective of Fantastic Man nor its art direction. Although, the editorial direction is always pretty impressive. It’s counterpart, The Gentlewoman, on the other hand, is a hit on every aspect.  I bought the Fantastic Man this time round for its features on Spike Jonze, Alex Calderwood of Ace Hotel and New Yorker illustrator, Tom Bachtell (gasp! An illustrator featured on a men’s fashion atas magazine). There was also an interesting article about the sweatshirt’s “double-V insert”, or “the dorito”.

week_43 1 week_43 2 week_43 3 week_43 4 week_43 5

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