Seagate Central

>  Ranging from SGD339 (Courts) – SGD309 (Fuwell)

Whether are they meant for the office or home, Network Attached Storage (NAS) are mostly so ugly that only a true techie would love. I was very tempted to purchase the Apple Time Capsule but it is kinda hard to make it work with the 2Wire modem/router that Stinktel provide. So, I was really happy to discover the stealth-like designed Seagate Central.

First Impression

Setting it up was really, as advertised, a breeze. I just had to connect the device to my 2Wire 2701HGV-E modem/router using a ethernet cable, plugged in the power, after which my iMac was able to detect it on the network almost instantaneously.

It took about just below 24 minutes for me to transfer a 4.5 GB file based on my setup. The device takes up bandwidth when it is accessed through streaming or transferring. So, do not be surprised when it slows down your other internet activities.

As for the Seagate Media app for the iPad and iPhones, it refused play certain video formats (cough xvid) which was quite a bummer indeed. Otherwise, it performs adequately for daily files and photo browsing. The NAS can be also accessed remotely, like a cloud storage, via the app and through a web app powered by Tappin.

Overall, this product is great for consumers who couldn’t careless about technical specs or setting up the mind boogling RAID arrays, and just want it to work straight out of the box.

I will give an update regarding this in a couple of months times, especially on the transfer rate, as I will be upgrading my router December.

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