Road Trip: Malacca, Maur, Johor

Never schedule your 2-day Singapore-Malacca-Maur road trip with your friends if you have a wedding to attend to on the same day. Somehow, I did managed to attend the morning church ceremony and was able to book a bus to Malacca to meet up with the gang.

The bus ride started at 1430hrs from City Plaza, Singapore, and ended up in Melaka Sentral at about 8. I was told by the bus company person it would take 3.5-4 hours, but it took a whooping 5.5 hours effing non-stop ride without any effing entertainment (for I brought none). It certainly didn’t help that the bus driver had only 2 dvds, which he promptly turned off each effing time bare boobs made an effing appearance. My advise to him; Next time, bring effing Toy Story. In the end, I did not managed to meet my friends in time for Jonker Street’s Assam Laksa and Chendol.

I did get to stay at the 4-star Hatten Hotel though. We booked 2 huge Deluxe Suites on the Premier Floors (level 20) for the night and we get to check in and out, with complimentary beverages, at the Premier Lounge on level 12. Even though I slept on the couch (not pictured), there were three of us in one room, it was very nice and comfy.

After a night’s rest, and, for some of us (not me), morning exercise, we headed towards Maur. In between, we had some Magnums, that I wish Singapore had, at one of our pit stops.


After several wrong turns, all part of the fun of road trips, we arrived at Maur and were ready to eat lunch.

We ate of whole load of street food; Cha Kway Teow, Satay, Wanton Mee and Otah. Satisfied, we headed to our last destination of the road trip, Taman Sentosa, before we returned home full tank (car and tummies).

It started to rain and that slowed us down considerably. But, we still made it safely to Taman Sentosa for our seafood dinner. It was cheap, abundant, and good.

I need to remind myself to plan how I want to document my trips visually and editorially. I ran thru my photos (on my camera and phone) and they were all very disjointed. I did not even take any photos of my two other traveling companion. How to be a good blogger like that?

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