Shinjuku: My Home in Tokyo Part 2

My theory about food in Tokyo is that you won’t get it wrong. At least, that was my experience. When I was hungry, all I have to do was figure out which type of cuisine I craved for, and pick a restaurant of cuisine around my location based on just pure gut, and – boom! – satisfied belly. The best thing about Shinjuku is that it has plenty of delicious and, most importantly, affordable meals. When I looked back, I wished I took more photos of my food. I mean, I am an Asian, for goodness sake! Anyhoo, here are some foodie highlights from Shinjuku.

shinjuku_061 shinjuku_062 shinjuku_highlights_025 shinjuku_highlights_023

I could smell the sweet fragrance of pastries emitting from Gontran Cherrier Tokyo every time on the way between my hotel and the train station. Even though, we do have a Gontran Cherrier establishment in Singapore in the form of Tiong Bahru Bakery, but I still couldn’t resist giving it a try.

shinjuku_highlights_029 shinjuku_highlights_001 shinjuku_027 shinjuku_028

Freshness Burger, among other fast food chain such as Matsuya (aka Song Wu), Yoshinoya, Lotteria, is a sure bet for a budget meal. There are about nine branches in Shinjuku. I think the nearest one to the train station is the one next to Forever 21’s flag ship store. Be warned though, unlike most other restaurants in Tokyo, Freshness Burger is a completely smoke-filled zone and doesn’t have a well-ventilated non-smoking section, if any at all. But, it is a place where I will continue to go back to.

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One of the best experience I had was based on a recommendation though. Tempura Tsunahachi was recommended to me by a friend, Mr. Chew. It was so good that I could taste the ocean with each bite of the tempura. I highly recommend everyone to get the omakase (5000 Yen/60+SGD) which is totally worth the money. It was one of the few local cuisine restaurants in Shinjuku that I saw the locals braved the cold to queue for. And, thanks to Google Maps, travellers can find it easily.

shinjuku_highlights_013 shinjuku_highlights_012

The Breizh Cafe Creperie is located on the 13th floor of Takashimaya Shinjuku Store. I had an amazeballs-ly scrumptious crepe that looked amazeballs. My family and I were sitting out in the al fresco area, and it was a cold autumn morning, but luckily they had throws already placed on the chairs to keep us warm before we were seated.

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Because of the nature of how I hunt for food, sometimes I don’t collect any information about the restaurants I go to. But, I did remember that I went to this ramen shop (as shown above) in Shinjuku at this location. (I like how I am so specific about these thing.) The ramen was damn good, but, then again, I haven’t had a bad ramen in Tokyo so far.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Once in a while I would get a sushi bento or something like that from the food hall in the basement of Takashimaya for a budget meal. I might bring it along with me until I find a park, park my ass on a bench, people watch while eating said bento. I feel it is something that everyone should try.

Tokyu Hands was a high frequency occurrence for me. Situated in Takashimaya, as well, Toyku Hands is just next to the Shinjuku Station. I haven’t heard anyone say “meh” to this place. It is a consumers’ paradise where you can get stuff that you didn’t know existed. Perfect place to buy souvenir for your friends back home.

shinjuku_highlights_021 shinjuku_highlights_020 shinjuku_highlights_019 shinjuku_highlights_018 shinjuku_highlights_017

Well, Shinjuku, if I am ever back in Tokyo again, I will see you again.

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