Asakusa: Maybe Next Time

Before I arrive in Tokyo for the first time, I had already planned to go to Sensoji in Asakusa as simply a check box that I had to tick. The visit was made worse by the rain as a lot of the street vendors were closed. However, the cold gloomy weather made the freshly baked Ningyo-yaki (molded cake with red bean paste) and the piping hot minchi katsu (fried minced pork thing) I ate, along (both) Nakamise Street, extra palatable. I really want to like Asakusa, but it is what it is for now; Just a tick on my touristy check box.

asakusa_003 asakusa_002 asakusa_001 asakusa_006 asakusa_005 asakusa_004 asakusa_007 asakusa_008 asakusa_009 asakusa_010 asakusa_011 asakusa_012 asakusa_013 asakusa_014 asakusa_015 asakusa_016 asakusa_017 asakusa_019 asakusa_018 asakusa_020 asakusa_021

2 thoughts on “Asakusa: Maybe Next Time

  1. I love these pictures, brings back wonderful memories of visiting Sensoji back in 2008. Especially all the umbrellas, I went on a rainy day as well.

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