Unis Chinos

Surrender at Raffles Hotel had a sale end of last year, and I was exactly the second kiasu person to arrive on the first day. It paid off because, after almost 2 years of waiting (no size for me from the previous sales) and reading all about it, I finally kopped not one, but two Unis Gio Chinos in my size for 50% off (woohoo!) the hefty price tag of 260 SGD each.

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Seagate Central

>  Ranging from SGD339 (Courts) – SGD309 (Fuwell)

Whether are they meant for the office or home, Network Attached Storage (NAS) are mostly so ugly that only a true techie would love. I was very tempted to purchase the Apple Time Capsule but it is kinda hard to make it work with the 2Wire modem/router that Stinktel provide. So, I was really happy to discover the stealth-like designed Seagate Central.

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Kenu Airframe

>  SGD39.90 from the Online Apple Store

If  you like your gadgets’ accessories small and compact, you will love the Kenu Airframe phone mount for cars. This thing attaches to your aircon vent, thus saving space on your dashboard. No more ugly suction cups too. As an added bonus, it doubles up as a portable phone stand as well.

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I Bought Shampoo

I Buy Stuff No. 001

I ran out of shampoo last week and I have been stealing my dad’s as a stopgap measure.  That ended (hehe) two days ago when my order from End Clothing (geddit?) arrived via FedEx. I could’ve got something from the Watson’s nearby, but I wanted to do it the hard way and order it from a online shop over 10000 km away. Or, I could’ve simply ordered some before I ran out. Either way.

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