Wheeler’s Yard

Wheeler’s Yard must have, or soon to have, one of the most photographed facades of a cafe ever. It also must be one of the most spacious cafe in Singapore. Even the al fresco area, and the atas bike shop (or the bike atelier as it is called atas-ly), is sheltered by the hanger-like warehouse. It is really kid-friendly as well with all that space to run around. The overall experience with the space is very nice. And, that is the key about this cafe that will make me go back again.



Last week, I had two days off from work, and I decided to visit one of Papa Palheta establishments for a morning coffee each day. One of them is Temporium.

Temporium is a 6-month pop up wonderland, for homegrown creatives, craftpeople, and artists, initiated by Tofu and Breezeway. You can’t say you are pro-Singaporean without coming here.

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Loysel’s Toy

Last week, I had two days off from work, and I decided to visit one of Papa Palheta establishments for a morning coffee each day. One of them is Loysel’s Toy.

Loysel’s Toy is well-known among the local caffeine addicts, and, without a doubt, serves one of the best coffee in Singapore. I had toast to go along my usual order of flat white. After permeating my taste buds with several of the so-called art-is-anal coffee I recently had, I got my satisfaction at last. I mean, at the very least I can taste the shot of espresso in this one.

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The Rotisserie at China Square

One Minute Review: Rotisserie

Although it doesn’t feel like it, there are actually a lot of eateries around Singapore’s CBD that isn’t Korean. For around 10 bucks, you do have a lot of choices and The Rotisserie is one of them.

If there is only one guarantee when you have your lunch at The Rotisserie, it be that you be having food coma soon after. With an average price of 12 bucks, it is really quite reasonable for a self-service restaurant that strives on stuffing your face with food in the CBD.

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Craft Bakery & Cafe

Holland Village, or otherwise just Holland V, is a place you go, at best, for the al fresco atmosphere and/or late night desserts. Of course, there are the bars and live football matches, but I don’t drink alcohol so that is that. The food at the Holland Village Market & Food Centre is decent. Nothing to shout about. Then again, “decent” is hard to achieve these days for hawker food.

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Penny University

The east side of Singapore is well known for our local food heritage such as the famous Katong Laksa, or prawn mee noodles establishments at Joo Chiat and East Coast Road. Due to the growing trends in Singapore, brunch hang outs and hippy cafes are starting to pop up as fast as the dodgy KTV pubs along Joo Chiat change names.

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