Willing Hearts and Helping Hands

VML Qaisians skipped work last week and went to Willing Hearts to lend our hands for a day as a part of the 10th annual VML Foundation Day.

At the end of the day, I simply could not imagine the effort Willing Hearts and their daily pool of volunteers have to put in on a day to day basis without “tourists” like us. Kudos to those amazing unsung heroes at Willing Hearts!

Check out what the rest VMLers worldwide did that day.


I Am Not Done

Naoshima Scene

Bandung, Jakarta, Mumbai, Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, work and more work. These were the things that happened. Most of which I cannot wait to write about them here. All except work, obviously.

There are a coupled of planned breaks coming up for me. One in September, for I will consider it as a one week home sabbatical. Another one in December, I will returned to Tokyo once again for a year end family vacation. Fun timez again.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the beautiful scenery above from the beautiful inland island of Naoshima.


RE: Jubilee Baby Gift Comments

Reading all these comments about the Singapore jubilee baby gift thingee got me thinking; Maybe all we need is to find a way to connect these yr2015 babies to every Singaporeans. Maybe give a gift from the human perspective instead of things material.

Play along with me here. Imagine an ideal world; We can haz a website with photos of all the yr2015 babies’ little pink (some yellow, jaundice of course) hand, extending their 5 tiny fingers (geddit? SG50?). No publicity, no big deal. Simple camera, a simple white background and a tiny pudgy hand for each shot. Anyone can do this. But, collectively, only the government can execute the whole project.

And, behind the photos are their names. Perhaps, allow the parents to update their status for a short period of time. I could imagine that some of these babies doing well, and some might leave us too early one way or another. But, thats the human connection, the human story that may binds us as a community.

I wonder how did NPTD did their user research? Perhaps, they were asking the wrong questions, or maybe the wrong people. Ultimately, I do believe the people at NPTD meant well, and the commentors just wanted to be heard. Remember, we are all humans and we crave to connect.

Air Ball: Shade

I like Ikea and Muji. They bring good design and – more for Muji – quality. Even as I sit on a replica Eames chair, I can’t help thinking, no matter what, they are still just a mere shade of a real thing.

Air ball is a series of random thoughts that probably misses the point.


Last Wedding of the Year

My old buddy, and platoon mate, Samuel and his, then, fiancé, Yvonne, got married! I was helping as one of the groomsmen, or “brothers” as we called it here in Singapore, who gate-crashed the bride’s place and, also, as the audio visual guy at the wedding dinner. This happened to be the last wedding of the year for me. It was a busy day but I managed to capture some of the moments.