Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of those things you must see in Tokyo, Japan, despite its declining stature as the provider the most overpriced bluefin tuna. Sure, it is the biggest fish market in the world. Yes, the auction is said to be quite an experience to watch. And, yes, until March 2015, it is probably the last time you will be able to catch the auction at Tsukiji before it makes way for some prime real estate development. But, it is really worth waking up in the wee hours of the morning just catch a few minutes equivalent of Singapore’s Hungry Ghost Festival auction? I think so, since I do like to watch the Hungry Ghost Festival auction too. Continue reading “Tsukiji Fish Market”


Bandung: It Might Just Happen Again


Even though, this trip was for work, coming to Bandung fulfilled a small part of a promise I made to myself; Visit more cities around my region (South East Asia). I was there for 3 weeks with a exception of a weekend back in Singapore for a wedding. Apart from the client’s office and the cafe around the hotel, I didn’t managed to see much, having only one weekend to do some sightseeing. I did ate a lot though.



Bandung: Day 5/15

A market in Ciumbuleuit.

It has been a busy week since I arrived in Bandung, for work, on Sunday. Despite that, I managed to get, literally, a flavour of Bandung. As I write this, my stomach is still burning from the chips, made locally with tons of spices, that I bought earlier. I am going to be here for another 2 weeks with a break in between when I go back to Singapore for a friend’s wedding. Meanwhile, can’t wait to try more Bandung food.


Shinjuku: My Home in Tokyo Part 2

My theory about food in Tokyo is that you won’t get it wrong. At least, that was my experience. When I was hungry, all I have to do was figure out which type of cuisine I craved for, and pick a restaurant of cuisine around my location based on just pure gut, and – boom! – satisfied belly. The best thing about Shinjuku is that it has plenty of delicious and, most importantly, affordable meals. When I looked back, I wished I took more photos of my food. I mean, I am an Asian, for goodness sake! Anyhoo, here are some foodie highlights from Shinjuku. (more…)