Bandung: It Might Just Happen Again


Even though, this trip was for work, coming to Bandung fulfilled a small part of a promise I made to myself; Visit more cities around my region (South East Asia). I was there for 3 weeks with a exception of a weekend back in Singapore for a wedding. Apart from the client’s office and the cafe around the hotel, I didn’t managed to see much, having only one weekend to do some sightseeing. I did ate a lot though.



Bandung: Day 5/15

A market in Ciumbuleuit.

It has been a busy week since I arrived in Bandung, for work, on Sunday. Despite that, I managed to get, literally, a flavour of Bandung. As I write this, my stomach is still burning from the chips, made locally with tons of spices, that I bought earlier. I am going to be here for another 2 weeks with a break in between when I go back to Singapore for a friend’s wedding. Meanwhile, can’t wait to try more Bandung food.