Shanghai 2016

Shanghai has always been good to me. I have yet to encounter the smog that supposedly plagued the city. This was because whenever I was there the pollution producing factories were, I was told for one reason or another, shut down.


Even though I was there for work, I had the weekends to explore the streets of the city. Like all great cities in the world, Shanghai has got everything; New, old, and things that are a fusion of cultures and time.



Walking through the alley houses reminded me of the time my colleague and I rented an amazing Airbnb in Jing’An in 2015. None of the below seems like they are listed on Airbnb though.




Power Station of Art is one place you should visit, if contemporary arts is your thing. The collection of art there is huge and well-curated, plus the place is huge. You can easily spend 2-3 hours there.

The only problem is that it is a bit out of the way, but there is always Uber or, if you have a China mobile number, 滴滴.



Mix Paper is one-third of the hipster enclave know as Mix Place near Xujiahui (rough Google Maps location). It has a good range of art books, i must say, and there is a nice cafe too, if you want to chill out for a while.


Brought a colleague and friend to M50 Art Industrial Park since they haven’t been there and I did. My favourite thing there is a cafe, called Undefine, where it is always a great place to get good espressos.



Shanghai Natural History Museum is pretty impressive. Quality of the content is comparable to the one in New York, however the taxidermy, imho, could be tad better. Too bad we did not have much time and missed out a bulk of the exhibits. Thus, the lack of photos.



Check out other posts of my trips to China! Only if you want to, of course. No pressure.